Copper Flexible Connectors

Our specialized production processes and expertise enables us to manufacture copper laminated flexible and copper braided flexible connectors. Braided Copper Flexible Connectors provide a low resistance flex connector between two rigid bus bar sections that have dynamic motion. Braided Copper Flexible Connectors are widely used in electrical distribution, switchgear industries because of excellent flexibility.

Laminated Flexible Connectors

Our copper laminated flexible connectors are manufactured by high conductivity electrolytic grade copper. It’s reducing the temperature rise and increasing the current capacity of the connectors. These connectors are used as flexible expansion joints to prevent damages by vibrations of machine or switchgears. Flexible connectors are individually designed and manufactured as per customer’s requirements and application.

Braided Flexible Connectors

The braided flexible connectors are extremely flexible and individually designed and made as per customer’s requirement by our specialized compression technology which guarantees extreme compressing and minimal contact resistance. The contact area is made with seamless solderless pressed high conductivity electrolytic grade copper.

Flexible Insulated Busbars

It consists of several layers of uncoated or tinned copper strips and are insulated with flexible high quality PVC sleeve.

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