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Copper Component

Never compromize on Quality

CITIZEN was founded in the year 1999 with only two employees and now has grown to work force of more than one hundred employees. A venture started in a small shop of 130 Sq. feet is now a manufacturing facility of 75,000 Sq. feet. Since its foundation, the company has seen continuous development of its production facilities and human resources. The company supplies finest quality of Copper and value added Copper Components in more than 40 countries all across the globe. Taking proud of having highly qualified team of Product Development Division which gives value added products to the company.

My principal mission is to continuously strive for excellence in all areas of business operations by realizing the potential of people, the power of team, the value of the resources and the importance of customers. To adopt highest business values at all levels, this will continue to actively pursue valuable business development opportunities to bring better value to our esteemed customers, employees and society.

Through the sincere and relentless efforts of professional and qualified team, the company has achieved new heights at pace with the radical innovation in production of world class products. The company adheres to its commitment to produce quality products and supply in time and believes in utilizing latest technology to maintain consistency and accuracy.

Above all, I express and acknowledge to everyone who all have supported with high sense of gratitude for their everlasting, continuous support in the visible growth of company right from its foundation.